Our Approach


Our Approach


At Cityphysio you will be treated exclusively by chartered physiotherapists who all have advanced qualifications in the treatment of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. Several have additional qualifications in orthotics prescription, dry needling, women’s health and ergonomics. This enables us to offer specialist services for the treatment of sports injuries, occupational injuries, spinal and joint pain.

At CityPhysio we adopt a three stage, hands-on approach to the management of all conditions.




A detailed, comprehensive assessment will be undertaken by your physiotherapist, involving history taking and physical examination. The assessment will ascertain:

- The current pathology
- The probable cause of the condition
- Contributing factors that may affect recovery

After the assessment your physiotherapist will discuss with you the diagnosis, treatment required, expected outcome and indicate the likely number of sessions you require. If necessary a referral to an appropriate medical professional will be arranged for you.




The second stage involves your treatment. CityPhysio’s approach to treatment is centred around manual therapy. Manual therapy involves the mobilisation and manipulation of joints, nerves and muscles. This allows us to correct postural dysfunctions and movement abnormalities facilitating early healing. Your physiotherapist may ask you to maintain these corrections by performing simple exercises at home or work.


Rehabilitation & Prevention


The aim of this third and final stage is to prevent recurrence by addressing the contributing factors to your injury or condition. Your physiotherapist will design a specific programme of exercises for you to improve muscle function and maximise your body’s potential.

These exercises may include a referral to one of our Pilates classes, run by our specialist physiotherapists. By completing this rehabilitation programme you will be encouraged towards independent self management of your condition.

Advice on training programmes and office ergonomics will be given by your physiotherapist when appropriate.

For more information on Pilates classes click here or contact Kay on (01) 6280855