At CityPhysio we don't treat a list of medical conditions! We treat people who have aches and pains, injuries and problems with movement. We want you to fully understand your problem and how to get better.  At CityPhysio we specialize in hands-on treatment and rehabilitation through exercise, getting you back to work, sport or just pain-free living! 

Pilates Classes

Pain and injury in joints and tissues is often caused by poor body alignment. This results in incorrect and inefficient movement patterns and is often initiated by poor strength in the postural muscles around the spine. 

Pilates is a method of activating and toning these muscles and the research has supported its role in improving core stability. Pilates trains us to employ our muscles effectively during dynamic movement. Improving muscle control and postural alignment of the body minimizes uneven wear and tear on tissues during everyday activities.

Pilates can also help to improve performance and prevent recurrence of injury. It has been recognized by physiotherapists as an excellent adjunct to manual therapy and rehabilitation. It helps to remove the cause of pain and dysfunction by strengthening normal movement patterns and improving posture.

Participants who are patients of CityPhysio will first have a Pilates assessment form completed by their physiotherapist, identifying vulnerabilities and muscle weaknesses. Participants who are not CityPhysio patients will be asked to attend 10 minutes early in order to complete a brief screening assessment with the instructor.

See the latest Pilates Timetable here.

For more details and/or to book Pilates, speak to your individual physiotherapist or contact Kay or Pauline at reception on 01 6280855.

Sports Physiotherapy

Our expertise in sporting performance and injuries enables us to provide a hands on approach to the management of all athletes, from club to international level. At CityPhysio we encourage all athletes to achieve their maximum potential by training the brain as well as the muscle. This approach maximises core stability, thereby minimising energy leaks and optimising performance capabilities.

The services provided by CityPhysio to sports clubs and athletes include pre-season screening, diagnosis and management of injuries and prescription of corrective exercise programmes.

Full biomechanical screening is integral to our approach to managing sporting injuries. This may include video analysis of running, muscle imbalance testing and assessment of foot alignment leading to orthotic prescription if required -see Our Approach. A reduced rate may be available to sports clubs.

Corporate Services

CityPhysio has provided on-site services within large companies for the past 15 years. The research has shown that early physiotherapy intervention in the treatment of occupational injuries reduces both absentee levels and the spend on health insurance.

Our Services include:

A screening service for potential musculoskeletal dysfunction. Causes are identified and solutions are put in place, preventing loss of work time or potential litigation.

Ergonomics: Assessment of workplace set up and advice on any modifications required.

Physiotherapy management of pain and injury.

Development of preventative exercise programmes.

Group programmes including:
Postural correction.
Strength and conditioning for work.


Hospital Services

CityPhysio Cityphysio operate in a number of private hospitals. We provide a comprehensive service on a flexible basis, allowing us to adapt to the changing demand for physiotherapy. The experience and skills of our staff enable us to treat all patient conditions.

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

There are many conditions that benefit from pelvic floor physiotherapy – for example, bladder and bowel control, constipation, painful intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse, endometriosis, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, pudendal neuralgia, and chronic pelvic pain.

Children with bladder control issues, bed wetting and constipation can also benefit from physiotherapy.

Our specialist physiotherapist Niamh Kenny offers pre and post-op training for men undergoing prostatectomy to speed their return to continence after surgery.

Women's Health

Many women experience problems with their pelvic floor at some stage during their life. The pelvic floor muscles span the bottom of the pelvis and assist in supporting the abdominal contents, your low back and pelvic joints. They also act as sphincters to control the bladder and bowel and assist in sexual activity.

There are many causes of pelvic floor dysfunction include pregnancy and childbirth, chronic back pain, pelvic trauma, heavy lifting, poor toileting habits and chronic lung conditions.

Some of the symptoms may include urinary leakage during running, coughing or sneezing, having to empty the bladder frequently, inability to control wind or urgency to empty the bowels, chronic constipation, pain or reduced sensation during sexual intercourse or a feeling of “something coming down” (as in prolapse).

Many women think these symptoms are normal and put up with them for years. Whilst they may be common, they are not normal and can be helped by our specialist physiotherapist, Niamh Kenny.

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine, which is a standard treatment modality used in Asia for more than two thousand years. Chinese Acupuncture proposes that the body is composed of a system of interconnecting channels, known as Meridians, through which energy (or Chi) flows. It is believed that when these Meridians are blocked pain and disease can occur.

Acupuncture can be used to treat Insomnia, Sinusitis, Bells Palsy, Neuralgia (Nerve pain), Stress & Anxiety, Menopausal symptoms (hot flushes), Dysmenorrhea, Amenhorrea, PMT, Irregular cycles, Endometriosis, Polysystic ovary syndrome. It can also be used to compliment physiotherapy by relieving pain.

Dry Needling is a term referring to the use of a solid filament needle for the treatment of pain and dysfunction of various body tissues. It is employed to treat myofascial trigger points 

A myofascial trigger point is a painful, irritable spot in a tight band of skeletal muscle or myofascia (muscle sheath). It can give rise to a characteristic pain pattern and may be related to dysfunction of the motor system.

Dry Needling is a useful adjunct to more traditional physiotherapy techniques.